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Open/New file dialog err

Discussion created by Vranescu Alexandru on Dec 14, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2007 by CrasyCat
         I'm experiencing something very strange when I try to Open or create a New Project in CW 6.1. The IDE will crash/dump when trying to access (read/write) one of the following files: IDE_MFC60cw.dll or IDENewDialog.dll. This will not happen when I open the environment directly by accessing a  *. mcp  file.(or any existing file in a format supported by the IDE).
         I'm 100% sure that the problem is caused by dll read/write privileges but I wasn't able to solve it. I mention that I have full permission over these files but I still get this IDE crush.
         In order to get a full understanding of my problem I attached the .dump file generated by the IDE.
         If you have any suggestions on how can I solve this, please respond as I have run out of ideas.
P.S: I saved the .dump file as a normal txt in order to be able to attach it.