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MPXY8300 PDF and PPDF flags problem

Question asked by Nemanja Savic on Aug 3, 2015

Hi all guys,


this my 4th or 5th post on MPXY8300 and I got only one answer. I hope somebody from Freescale can write me what is going on with this chip. Was it intended only for big industry players which is the reason why it is completely covered with mistery ...


This time I have a problem with power down flag (PDF) and partial power down flag (PPDF). It is written in the datasheet that PDF will be set when MCU has recovered from stop mode 1, while PPDF will be set when MCU has recovered from stop mode 2. What happens in my code is that after clearing those flags by writing one to PPDACK flag (also from SPMSC2 register), they are simply cleared and never set again. PDF and PPDF are set only after first wake up from STOP1 or STOP2, every subsequent wake up will not set those flags.


Hereby I ask particularly guys from Freescale, if they are familiar with this bug and do they have some erratasheet for me. All other people are quite welcome to give me their suggestions, and I thabk everybody in advance.