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printf - stdout displayed on CW's console window for ColdFire

Discussion created by Robert Lewis on Dec 14, 2007
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Under the 9s12 CW 4.5 system I could build against a different library with a termIO call that caused the printf output to my user putchar fcn which I could use to control the serial port on the hardware development board. So in on Windows XP I could open a hyperterminal window and see the printf statements.

I can't seem to find that for Coldfire, does anyone know if this is still possible?

What I would rather do is use printf to go via the demoqe USB debugger into a crt window in CW or other app without the added serial hardware and usual windows problems. Is this possible? I noticed that there is a terminal.exe application and testterm.exe application but have no idea how they work. Also piper.exe is mentioned as redirecting output for stdout.

Does anyone know a way to have printf print to a window on CW or windows without the usb/serial hardware, or if not then how to use the serial hardware.

Thanks in advance.


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