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Migration from S12NE64 to K60: Is existing a Bootloader working on ETH BootP protocole?

Question asked by arnogir on Aug 3, 2015
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All is in the title!


So I have an old project working with an S12 NE64.


Like this componant is obselete and we can't have it anymore, we must migrate from this to the new Kinetis series.


I'm already work on a K60, K70 and use an USB and/or serial boot. (TWR-K70 MSD HOST Bootloader based on AN4368 source code )


But for this project, the boot program was a boot working on the ethernet with the BootP protocol and a specific soft on computer.


Is anybody know if existing a "turnkey" bootloader for Kinetis using the BootP prototol or something which can help me to do it? (Bootp Exemple ...)