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period variation problem

Discussion created by vinayak joshi on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2007 by Mehmet Fide
                  I am working on a STARTER KIT demo board of softecmicro. The working IC is S12XDP512MAG and codewarrior 4.5 platform. i am just measuring the period between two pulses by using capture method. i give square pulses by signal generator to my port pin PIP2. every thing is working fine ie the period i am getting is exactlly what i want in normal debug mode as well as running mode.
                       but as i made my own small general perpose PCB board for this application. and i run the same program on my board i cant get exactly period between two pulses what i want and what i get from demo board of starter kit!.i get something variation from my cature value.
                      suppose i get capture value from demo board of staretr kit is 5000 (which i want and it is expected value also) it is totally OK. but same procedure i follow with my board sometime i get 5004.4998 sometimes 4999 and 5002.i get confuse where i am going to rong. is it my hardware going to be rong?. but i check all hardware it seem to be OK.
                      expect your valuable advice.