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MC13213- Extended address in MAC Frames.

Discussion created by Ammar Rana on Dec 11, 2007
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Hello everyone,
I am trying to implement an application , where instead of short address , extended address would be used in Coomand and data frames. As , i have to put some checks on my device while maintaining their database. I am facing a problem , like i have disabled the short address by setting MAC PIB short id == OxFFFE . Then my application started to use the extended address. But the problem is that this extended address is the address set in the NVData.c file. If i tried to use the Init ExtendedAddress  function , only i could see 0xFFFFFFFFF value even after hardcoding the values of #define mDefaultExtendedAddress_c. On my network sniffer , i could only see 0xFFFFFF in every sent request. And i need to maintain a database of all devices MAC .
Setting value in NV data is working upto some extent , but when i need to put checks ,they are not working.

So , anyone who has used extended address in their application for assosciation  and data transmission. Kindly guide me.