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Token Done Interrupt in MCF52223 USB OTG Controller

Discussion created by embeddedUsb Device on Dec 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by Rich Testardi
Hi Tech's,
 Presently we are working on MCF52223 USB Device controller.After RESET we configure the Endpoint 0 for receieving the Setup packet, for that we set  Endpoint Control Register 0 = 0x0D.
After that in BD Byte format we set BC(bit 16:25) as 64 as Max. Packet Size and Enable the DTS bit for synchronization purpose , both Even and ODD bank. For Sending DATA  we set as all BD Byte format as 0. In Initialization part we set the BDT Base address in PAGE0,1,2 registers.
After that we  enable the TOKEN_DONE bit in INT_ENB register to get the interrupt. But we are nit getting the TOKEN_DONE interrupt, when we see the INT_STAT register.
Our main problem is why we are not getting the TOKEN DONE interrupt.