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In which mode  MC1321x should operate to increase the battery life time?

Discussion created by lakshmanarao lekkal on Dec 7, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2007 by Tom Thompson
Hi All,
I have designed a MC13213 board which is suppose to work with coin cell battery (CR2354,500mAh) atleast for 12months.When it is in communication with other module i.e. either in Tx or Rx it is drawing ~50mA and in idle mode current is 7mA.If I keep the module continuously in idle mode then battery life time will be just 3days (500/7 = 72hours = 3days). If I use two AA batteries life time will be 11days(1800/7 = 257hours = 11days). In which mode  should it operate to increase the battery life time? Please give me the complete details off different modes like current,RAMstatus,I/O ports status and etc
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