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Internal Antenna Switch - MC1321X

Discussion created by trail rr on Dec 5, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2007 by Alexander Kvashin
Hi all
Currently I am using a SRB (ZED) and NCB (ZC) board. On both board, I am using the internal antenna switch instead of the external antenna switch. So i will like to find out what are the changes i need to make from the freescale beekit?
I has try to generate out the solution from freescale beekit and I has change on the option under the platform. I change the true to false for the use external antenna switch. However, after i load the firmware to SRB board from freescale codewarrior, the SRB board didn't manage to transmit anything.
So maybe there are more changes needed to be made on the freescale beekit before loading it to the board. I not sure.
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