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P1010NXE5HHA Availability Status & Support for new design Reg

Question asked by Sathiya Seelan Sekar on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by Sathiya Seelan Sekar


       I am designing a new board based on P1010 processor leveraging from the already designed board schematics with part no "P1010NXE5HHA". Now i have seen from FSL website that this part "P1010NXE5HHA" is not recommended for new design(declining)  & given replacement part "P1010NXE5HHB".

I want to know whether i can  proceed design my new board with this replacement part P1010NXE5HHB? If so what is the EOL for this part?

Also please confirm,whether this part is fully pin compatible with the part P1010NXE5HHA. Because i will simply replace the processor symbols in the past design with this new part & it should not get any pin mismatch. Please confirm me at the earliest possible.

Currently i am using the reference manuals available in FSL for my new design work.


Thanks & Regards,

S.Sathiya Seelan

Aricent Technologies,Chennai