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Setup USB-KW24D512 as a SLIP Radio

Question asked by Weijia WU on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Weijia WU

We bought an Ls1021a-twr such an IoT gateway and a USB-KW24D512. This USB-KW24D512 will be plugged in the gateway (LS1021A-TWR) such an antenna. And we bought some Sensortags (CC2650STK) from Texas Instruments. These sensortags are used as the end-point device that communicates with the gateway (LS1021A-TWR). They are based on Contiki OS.


My question is how to setup the USB-KW24D512 such a SLIP radio, which can receives the packet from sensor tags (CC2650STK) and then passes to the gateway?


By the away, an application 6LBR, which acts as a border router, will be installed on the gateway, so we want the USB-KW24D512 can work with this application.