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i.mx6 VDD_HIGH_IN current drawn

Question asked by Mehmet Ertug AFSIN on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by Mehmet Ertug AFSIN

In my custom i.mx6 board design, i m going to use LVDS and SATA which effects the current calculation of VDD_HIGH_IN as stated below. So base max current drawn is 125 mA as stated in datasheet, however i couldnt find any information regarding maximum current drawn from NVCC_LVDS_2P5 and SATA. There is typical current drawn from sata but not max. So how much current capability shall i allocate for VDD_HIGH_IN?


The note from the datasheet says:

"The actual maximum current drawn from VDD_HIGH_IN will be as shown plus any additional current drawn from the VDD_HIGH_CAP outputs, depending upon actual application configuration (for example, NVCC_LVDS_2P5, NVCC_MIPI, or HDMI, PCIe, and SATA VPH supplies)."