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P1020RDB PCIE interface issue

Question asked by yang yang on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by yang yang

hello all ,


     env: vxworks, p1020rdb.


     the target.ref show as follows:

      PCI-E-HOST:0       | on-chip    |                     | UNSUPPORTED

      PCI-E-HOST:1       | on-chip    | m85xxPci.c          | SUPPORTED


     0x9000_0000 | 64MB  | 0x93FF_FFFF | PCIe-2 Memory

     0x9400_0000 | 64MB  | 0x97FF_FFFF | PCIe 2 Non-Prefetchable Memory

     0x9800_0000 | 64MB  | 0x9BFF_FFFF | PCIe 2 I/O Memory



      2 questions as follows:


     1) if i want to use the 2 pcie interface, the host controller of PCIE-HOST0  is the same as m85xxPci.c   ?

         i just need to modify the hwconf.c, syslib.c,and  p1020rdb.h ?


     2) in the p1020RM.pdf,


          the  base address of pcie2  canbe set as 0x9000_00000?

          the base  address of pcie1 canbe set as 0xa000_00000?


          i am confused, thanks for all reply.