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How to detect USB CDC break?

Question asked by Sebastian Pastor on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Sebastian Pastor

Hello community,


I am wondering how can I detect when a BREAK signal is sent to the USB CDC device. My application is based on the MQX virtual_com sample, so I have run it and tried sending a break to see if any of the two callbacks is called when this happens with no success.

Some background: the aim of this application is basically to do an USB to RS-232 pass-through as part of a bigger project. This means that everything read from the virtual COM port is written into another MQX UART and vice versa. That part is working fine, the problem comes with the break signal: I have to detect when this signal is sent to the virtual COM port so I can propagate it to the MQX UART. Is there any API available that I can use to be notified of this or in the worst case, a polling mechanism?


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