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How to use LVDS output

Question asked by ko-hey on Jul 26, 2015
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Hi all



I have question about using LVDS output.



1.When I use LVDS output, do I need any register settings of IPU ?

  If yes, please let me know the register.


2.I'm watching both a figure37-39 and figure39-1.

  In my understanding, DI's output is connected to LDB input such as lcdif1_data, lcdif1_hsync, lcdif1_vsync, lcdif1_enable, lcdif1_reset and lcdif1_clk.

  If my understanding is correct, please tell me knoe the connection of each port.


3.Does LVDS_TXx and LVDS_CLK are made from Parallel Interface Data Synchronizer'DATA and Timing Generator'DISP_CLK ?



4.Let me confirm about IPUx_DI0_GENERAL register's discription.

  The discription includes following signal that like external pins.

  Are these pins internal signal?



  IPU_DI0_GENERAL bit21 External VSYNC

  IPU_DI0_GENERAL bit20 External CLOCK

  IPU_DI0_GENERAL bit17 Output Clock

  IPU_DI0_GENERAL bit7:0 di0_polarity_i_1