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MCF5272C3 Evaluation Board - Flash Code Download Procedure

Discussion created by Ashwin Bhamburkar on Dec 4, 2007
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We are using the MCF5272C3 evaluation board. For the downloading the code into memory, as per the user manual, we used 'dn' command, we get the message "Downloading....." but this doesnt show any activity on the Eval board and also no indications on the dBUG interface. We have waited for around 1-2 minutes, after the downloading message appears. But this message continues to last till we give hard RESET to the board. Not sure how much time it takes for download. The file we are downloading is a '*.S19' generated through Code-warrior IDE. Also the codes we are using are the ones downloaded from the Freescale web-site, with No alternations done to it. Hope we can use it as it is for the eval board.
Also we tried using the command 'dl' for downloading the code into memory through Serial interface. But in this command, we are not sure where do we supply the file/code to be downloaded?
Using Eval board, we do get the proper Start up command prompt message, help menu on the Hyper-terminal interface, as mentioned in the User Manual. (Snap shot is pasted below)

Hard Reset
SDRAM Size: 4M

Copyright 1995-2001 Motorola, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
ColdFire MCF5272 EVS Firmware v3a.1a.1a (Build 17 on May 14 2002 09:45:52)

Enter 'help' for help.


Can anyone guide us or provide us a procedure for Code download into into Flash and also for SDRAM.
Let us know how whether the '*.s19' file is accepatable by the dBUG interface.
Also let us know the procedure for using the BDM interface on the Eval board MCF5272C3.

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