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VLLS0 mode for KL03 in KSDK v1.2

Question asked by Michael Hauptman on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by BRIAN HEAD

Hi all, despite a lot of tries I am unable to set the VLLS0 mode of a KL03 mcu using the KSDK v1.2 peripheral drivers in KDS v3.0.


The attached project is reduced to a strict minimum for testing: only a led and a switch for awakening from VLSS0. When debugging, after the instructions:


    POWER_SYS_SetMode(0, kPowerManagerPolicyForcible);

the code execution can be followed till the mode switch of the "__WFI();" instruction in the HAL component, then the J-Link debugger is suspended at 0X0 but the current supply remains the same indicating that the internal osc is still running. This could mean that there is an interrupt loop, but the LLWu external pin has no influence on it nor the flag clear in the handler:

    void LLWU_IRQHandler(void) {

      /* Write your code here. For example clear LLWU wake up flags ... */



I feel as if I am missing something, but unfortunately the AN and documentation I found were not very helpful. Can someone help me please?

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