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9S12XEG128 controller: MPU, XGATE work together problem

Question asked by prasad garge on Jul 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by lama

I am using 9S12XEG128 controller. I successfully established communication with sensor through XGATE, SPI.

However, now when I try to configure MPU (first application triggered MPU self test and then proper operation), then XGATE software error interrupt gets generated.

So, I refer "Software error interrupt" related pdf, I can find I have to configure RAMWPC, RAMXGU, RAMSHU, RAMSHL registers for defining XGATE, CPU, shared RAM areas.

However, when I try to find above mentioned registers I could not find them in controller's register definition file. Also, in other pdfs found over net, these mentioned registers addresses coincide with MPUDESC2, MPUDESC3, MPUDESC4, MPUDESC5 registers. Please suggest how to access RAMWPC, RAMXGU, RAMSHU, RAMSHL registers or what could be other problem.