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bluetooth enable/disable via GUI on Android

Question asked by mutyalarao neelapala on Jul 23, 2015

Hi all,

  I am glad to inform you that the above issue which I have posted earlier got resolved, but I have another 2 issues one while data transfer, the other while enabling via GUI.

   1) After enabling bluetooth, while transferring file from third party mobile to IMX_6SL board, file is getting transferred(TX), but vice versa (RX) is not happening, it is giving the error message :

   File not Received

   File : sample.jpg

   Reason : Storage issue


  2) And presently I am inserting my driver via GUI, I am getting an error message while enabling bluetooth via GUI   ie Operation not permitted while loading .ko (driver)Please suggest me what to do?? whether I need to install my driver at boot by adding in init.rc?? if I do it always on boot bt will be in ON State only??  OR Do i need to build my driver along with android source code???


Please suggest me how to proceed further???


Thanks and Regards,

Mutyala Rao.