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Unpdate injection time etpu2

Question asked by jaw waj on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Milan Brejl

Hi, i am testing the etpu2 library (direct injection), the etpu_inj.c file says:

Revision 0.2  2013/08/02  r54529

* fs_etpu_inj_update() removed, fs_etpu_inj_config() modified so that it can be used anytime to update the injection parameters. During the injection sequence activity the injection parameters cannot be updated and fs_etpu_inj_config() returns FS_ETPU_ERROR_TIMING.


In the "MPC5674F_EngineControlDemo" project in try ude the "injection_time" variable from etpu_fuel.c to unpdate the "USEC2TCR1" times on injection config (injection pattern) (on file etpu_gct.c), but  it give me compiler error because it would be a constant value, not a variable.


How can i do it?


PD: "etpu_gct.c"-> Was it made with Graphical Configuration Tool?, The actual version of EtpuGTC software do not support api for etpu2 (i think).


Thank and regards