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Freescale KIT9Z1J638EVM Memory Issue

Question asked by Chris Escalante on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Chris Escalante

I am working with the software provided by Freescale for KIT9Z1J638EVM, which has a battery sensor that measures current, voltage, temperature.  Every so many clock cycles there is erroneous values displayed.  When I observe the memory location where the measurements are being stored, I can see cycles where there are 5 to 10 memory locations being overwritten with a "EE" or "FF", and in some instances it is writing over memory location used to store the battery sensor data.  This is why I am seeing erroneous measurements.  When I add a watchpoint to one of the memory locations, the problem stops which is puzzling and as soon as I remove all breakpoints the EE's and FF's re-appear.  I am trying to get the code to break when the battery voltage memory location is written over, but when I add the watchpoint the problem seems to go away.  Can anyone shed light on why this is happening?  I am setting up the watchpoint with the condition "0x14b4==FF || 0x14b4==EE;", but I have not observed the code breaking when I use this condition.  I have had a hard time finding clear examples on how to use conditions with watchpoints, so I would really like feedback on if the condition is written correctly?