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MC9S08LG32 Vector remapping

Question asked by embedded labs on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by embedded labs

Hello all, i need to achieve vector remapping which can be enabled or disabled from user code.

i.e. Step1. BDM program the Bootloader code to MCU.

     Step 2. Bootloader programs the User Code.

     Step 3. vector redirection ON

     Step 4. Execute user application.


I tested the remapping using following method:

1. Erase the Mcu using target tasks of Code Warrior.

2. program the bootloader with "const byte NVOPT_INIT @0x0000FFBF = 0x02;" in its global section.

3. program the user application.

4. protect any block of flash usng Target tasks of Code Warrior


After doing this and restarting the MCU give a redirected vector successfully done.

Now what i want is i can enable and disable the mapping from user code and that too not by using Target Task feature of Code warrior. It should be in a way that when jumping from bootloader to application the mapping is enabled and when jumping back to bootloader or say given a reset then the remapping disables.