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KV30 interrupt issue

Question asked by Gaspari Nicola on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by Gaspari Nicola

Hi, I'm new here and, of course, I need your help.

I'm starting a new project using a MKV30F64VFM10. I'm using Kinetis Design Studio to develop code with Processor expert. After a while (!!!) I understand how to configure Clock, I/O, ... ("hardware" in one word) and it seems to work. In particular I tested an ADC input with different input values and their corrisponding digital values: good. After I developed the "Uart0 part" and checked it with a PC and this is working too. But all the Uart is developed in "polling mode", when I tried to do it in interrupt mode I started have problems. I think my mistake is in interrupt configuration, so I started a new project only to configurate a timer (PIT channel 0) to have interrupt every 10 secs; but it doesn't work... Now I try to explain the configuration I did, assuming MCG configuration is ok (I tested with an oscilloscope the bit duration on a 115200 baudrate Tx on uart0 and it is ok).


In Components_Init() of Cpu.c (generated by processor expert I suppose) I have this code:

  NVIC_SetPriority(PIT0_IRQn, 7U);

  OSA_InstallIntHandler(PIT0_IRQn,  pitTimer1_IRQHandler);





In main.c, after PE_low_level_init();, I added this line:

__enable_irq();      //"cpsie i" to enable general interrupt


in Events.c I have:

void pitTimer1_IRQHandler(void)


  /* Clear interrupt flag.*/


  /* Write your code here ... */



which is my Timer interrupt handler added by OSA_InstallIntHandler() (I always suppose) but when I debug the code this function is never executed!


So I added in my main this:


  uint32_t MCR;

  uint32_t LDVAL;

  uint32_t CVAL;

  uint32_t TCTRL;

  uint32_t TFLG;

  uint32_t ISER;

  uint32_t IABR;

  uint32_t CLRENA;


for(;;) {






   ISER = NVIC->ISER[1];

   IABR = NVIC->IABR[1];




To control PIT values and NVIC settings.


What I saw is that PIT_CVAL0 starts from a value (a conversion of my 10 seconds I believe) and it rolls down to 0 value (after 10 secs).

When it reaches 0 PIT_TFLG0 goes from 0 to 1 (TIF bit means Timer Interrupt Flag set)

NVIC->ISER[1] and NVIC->ICER[1] are both 0x10000 (This seems good for PIT channel 0)

But NVIC->IABR[1] is always 0 and interrupt doesn't come :-(


Finally I added these 3 lines inside the same loop (for(;;){...}):


   if (TFLG & 0x01) {

        PIT_HAL_ClearIntFlag(g_pitBase[FSL_PITTIMER1], FSL_PITTIMER1_CHANNEL);



to reset pending bit of PIT channel 0 and I saw that TIF bit goes to 0 and goes one more time to 1 after 10 secs...


Can you help me please, like you can see I'm not the one who ask for everything (all this I did by myself, without help) but now I don't know what else to do, please hele me.


If you need more info please ask me.