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Builds and build hierarchies

Question asked by David Sherman on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by David Sherman

I have reconfigured my MQX-Lite project to use libraries, and made separate build projects to create the libraries.  Many thanks to Erich Styger for his article on how to do that!  One thing that leaves me a little perplexed is if I recompile one of these libraries, occasionally KDS insists on doing a clean build, but not always.  Sometimes it just links the new library, as it should.  What would trigger a clean build, short of telling it "build clean"?  I just right-click and use "build project".  Second, is there a way (possibly related to my first question), to have some semblance of a Makefile? If I touch a source in one of those libraries, is there a way to make it smart enough to know it might need to compile that library and just link it in?