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M522XX device simulator - includes M52210, M52211, M52221, M52223, M52233 and M52235

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Dec 3, 2007
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Hi All

Please note that a simulator of the M522xx parts is available for free download. It is very simple to use and doesn't require any installation. It includes the M52210, M52211, M52221, M52223, M52233 and M52235 (equivalent to the Freescale DEMO and EVAL boards).

The first use is for GPIO configuration control, where each divice shows its available ports, the pin numbers (on the corresponding package), the peripheral functions it can do and the presently selected one [Just hover the mouse cursor over the port of interest]. This allows checking circuits and comparing parts and has proved to be very handly in my own work.

All simulated devices will map UART0 to the COM1 of the PC (if there is such a thing nowadays... if COM1 is already used or not available it just won't do anything). Then it can be connected at 19'200 from a terminal emulator, or similar, and will send messages or display an interactive menu.

The M52233 and M52235 simulations can be connected to the PC's NIC (select working NIC in the LAN menu) and then will respond to pings and can be connected to using a web browser (IP address is displayed) after which ports can be controlled and various settings adjusted. Configuration changes are saved to 'simulated' FLASH so are valid after the next start, so things like default ports states, UART settings IP setup (DHCP, IP, MAC) can be adjusted to suit the network. The name of the simulated device can be changed, which can be used for network communication (NetBIOS) instead of its IP address.

This is the first version of this executable and I believe that WinPCap needs to be installed for the Ethernet interface to work correctly. If you have Ethereal (WireShark) installed it will already be on the PC.

You are welcome to try it out. Get it from:

I hope that you find it interesting and useful. If there are any questions, just post them here, or else on the uTasker forum.