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FXLC95000 and hard reset

Question asked by Vitaliy Siplichuk on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by Jacques Trichet



I can't reset my FXLC95000 via RESETB pin.

I have implemented one feature in my device recently. I added one more command for firmware version checking. That's how it works:
1. I power on my device

2. Send command 0x00 0x00 to be sure that there is fxlc95000 on I2C bus

3. Then send 0x29 0x00 to start

4. Then send my command for fw version checking

5. If I get not valid number of fw version I update fw.


So here is my problem:
If we have any fw in fxlc95000 then everything works perfect. I can compare fw version and make fw updating.

But! If we have fxlc95000 without firmware(from factory) or with damaged firmware(for example if we make power off during programming firmware) then when we try to send 0x29 0x00 we have 0xff 0xff answer. Then I understand that I need to update firmware but I can't do it because I have 0xff or 0x00 answer on my any commands. As I understand fxlc95000 is in undefined condition after my command 0x29 0x00 in that case.

I desided to make hard reset via RESETB pin and then update firmware without sending 0x29 0x00 command. But it doesn't help. I still have undefined condition of fxlc95000 after command 0x29 0x00 even if I make reset.

If I try to programm firmware without command 0x29 0x00 - everything works.

Because of that my feature does not make sense because we can have new fxlc95000 or with damaged firmware and I can't programm it in that case.


Here are my question:
Maybe there are some settings for hard reset or I should make strong time delays then i manipulate of RESETB pin???
Maybe there is another way to make reset fxlc95000 after sending 0x29 0x00 then there is no any firmware inside?

Maybe there is any way to find out is there available (unbroken) firmware inside without sending 0x29 0x00 command?