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FRDM-K64F UART performance

Question asked by Tzahi Manistersky on Jul 22, 2015
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I'm using FRDM-K64F board and I need to develop an application that need to support 1 UARTS at 115200.

And intend to use MQX/FreRtos OS.

I've been trying to excecute  the UART driver examples from Kinetis_SDK_v.1.2.0_Demo_Applications.

I've tested all 5  examples (blocking/not blocking/polling/ebme_blocking/edmq_non_blocking) and a bare metal example that I've found in this forum.

The test including a transmission of 115200 data to the default openSDA usp connection.

Yet about 10% of the bytes had not been recived.

I need an example that can demonstrate a perfect performance at 115200 bps. Pfeffered with FreeRTOS.


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    Tzahi Manistersky