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How to integrate several drivers using KSDK in a baremetal application

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Jul 22, 2015
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I'm starting a new project with K64 where I have some GPIO's, USB-CDC device(virtual comm), a Http server, ADC to read some sensors and a timer to generate PWM to control a BLDC motor.


I like and feel very comfortable to use the new Processor Expert beans in KDS 3, but I'm not sure if it is a good idea to use them for USB_CDC and HTTP server, because there are not specific beans fpr them and I can imagine how hard it could be to use "fsl_usb_framework" and "fsl_enet" for that.


Is it possible to initialize  ADC, GPIO's and Flex Timer through Processor Expert and include the other peripherals manually? I'm afraid that this might cause conflict between Processor Expert files and the ones that I include manually.


I read a document from KSDK directory called "Freescale KSDK USB Stack Developing New Application User’s Guide" that explains how to create a new application with USB using KSDK, but the method recommended is to create a new directory like "<my_proj_directory>/examples/frdmk64f/demo_apps/usb/device/cdc/my_app/bm/kds" and copy the files from "<install_dir>/examples/frdmk64f/demo_apps/usb/device/cdc/virtual_comm/bm/kds".


If I create a new project and enable Processor Expert support, do I have to do it as mentioned in "Freescale KSDK USB Stack Developing New Application User’s Guide" or can I create my project in other directory and manually copy the USB and LWIP files from original locations in KSDK and include their paths in Compiler Settings?


It is a little confusing for me yet and there not any clear documentation boarding that.


Can someone help me please?





Marco Coelho