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PLL Calculator and 1 Mhz Oscillator

Question asked by Ray Hall on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by iggi

In a recent discussion I was advize that I had the wrong PLL settings for 13 Mhz bus clock and to use the PLL Calculator. The problem is the PLL calculator will not accept an oscillator less then 2 Mhz.


The S12G128 internal oscillator runs at 1 Mhz. My only option was to select 2 Mhz and 26 Mhz. This gave me settings that resualted in the 13 Mhz frequency I required. When I tried the sugested settings given to me for 13 Mhz the S12G128 ran a lot faster. Is the source code for the PLL Calculator avaialble, so I can write a more flexable version.


Can I also request that when you reply to a discussion that you consider is solved, look at the post again the next day to see the reponce from the person who asked the orignal question. I am stating this new discussion as the above question was not solved.