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H-Files not moved after compiling the BSP

Question asked by Georg Borter on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by Georg Borter

Hello everybody


When I compile my (ported) BSP the Processor Expert Files are not moved into the


{MQXRootDir}\lib\MyOwnBSP\debug\bsp\Generated_Code  and



which then throws an Error while compiling the actual project saying it couldn't find the corresponding h-files.

So all the components from PEx are not seen.


I am, for now, copying all the h-files manually from





{MQXRootDir}\lib\MyOwnBSP\debug\bsp\Generated_Code  and



I don't really understand where exactly I messed up during my BSP porting procedure and what i have to fix.

Is it the make Files? Or the MyOwnBSP.bat file? I tried comparing with a running ported BSP (almost the same) and couldn't find

the issue.


It would be lovely if someone pointed me into the right direction where to find the mistake.