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Driver MRFE6VS25N

Question asked by Igor Kotov on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by edk

Dear Sir or Madam!


We are representing MRI Service Company, having our business in Russia.

Our engineers are interested in using one of your RF Power Amplifier's


It is

MRFE6VP61K25H with Pre-driver MMG3H21N and Driver MRFE6VS25N jointly

(according to BR1593 instruction's example)


We would be interested in manufacturing of RF Power Amplifier for MRI unit -

should work in 40 MHz frequency range and provide output power - 10 K Watt.


Could you please be so kind and respond us, including complete scheme

circuit of such solution (describing all the sequence of elements and the

way they are connected in the scheme)? If you do not have such schemes,

could you make it up for us so we could understand more clear how it works?


Thanks in advance!