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IMX356 Z160 OpenVG vgAppendPathData fails with VG_PATH_CAPABILITY_ERROR

Question asked by Daniel Trevitz on Jul 21, 2015



     I am currently working on building a fast boot & hard float version of the BSP for a custom board my company uses.


     I have found from which appears to be the newest version of the libraries on the internet.


     The OpenVG library is capable of clearing the screen to any color and can draw an image to the screen, but the vgAppendPathData function fails consistently. Evaluation with GDB seems to indicate that the VGPathData structure within is not created correctly by vgCreatePath(). I say that because VGPathData->m_capabilities is set to 480 and not any of the constants that I give it.


     Is there a newer version of the library or is it possible to get the source under a NDA?





P.S. I am using several examples - including the tiger example for the imx5 GPUSDK.


ps->m_paths[i].m_path = vgCreatePath(VG_PATH_FORMAT_STANDARD, VG_PATH_DATATYPE_F, 1.0f, 0.f, 20, 20, VG_PATH_CAPABILITY_ALL);
vgAppendPathData(ps->m_paths[i].m_path, elements, cmd, points + startp);