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Bare metal C coding for VF3xx series

Question asked by Chinmay Admane on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by alejandrolozano

Hello all,


I am looking for a microcontroller with large on-chip SRAM. My application includes 2-3 SPI devices, 25-30 GPIOs, 3 timers and a Ethernet based TCP/IP connection.

And I came across Vybrid VF3xx series microcontroller which has 1.5 MB of SRAM with SPI and Ethernet as peripherals.(Exactly what I wanted..!!)


Most of the support/discussions I saw were for real time operating systems, and I don't need a RTOS for my application, so is it possible to do simple bare metal C coding on this device?


Are there drivers available which will help me quickly interface SPI, GPIO, Ethernet and timers without using RTOS?


Is there any library for TCP/IP stack which can be used without RTOS on this device?

Also is it possible to do a Ethernet firmware update on this device?


I am new to this so please correct me if I have asked a silly question.


Thank you.