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MPC8358 Console problem

Question asked by Rade Radjenovic on Jul 21, 2015
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We have been designed, five years ago, a board with MPC8358ECVVAGDGA and Linux 2.6.11 with ADEOS support.  The latest boards from production we"ve got with  MPC8358CVVAGDGA device (no E option for security engine and actually we do not using it) and board works fine in terms of real time requirements etc. The difference between old and new cards is that after a booting the kernel, console port goes off. The latest message we can see at console port comes from U-boot, Uncomperssing Linux kernel .... and that's all. After that console port does not respond. So, if anybody have idea what went wrong or have a clue about where we can try to find a solution it will help us a lot. Thanks in advance.


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