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P2020DS Image creation using SDK 1.8

Question asked by Jyotisankar Panda on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by Jyotisankar Panda



I'm trying to create the images using Linux SDK 1.8 for P2020DS baord. This board support was removed from 1.8 SDK but after going through the community web pages, i created a .conf file and was able to partially create the image. I've certain issues which i would like some help with.


1. When i ran bitbake fsl-image-minimal/core it worked fine without any error, but inside the images/p2020ds directory i can see u-boot files missing completely.


2. When i run bitbake fsl-image-full i end up in having following error while creating the rootfs.


          ERROR: u-boot-qoriq-images not found in the base feeds (p2020ds ppce500v2 noarch any all).


I'm kind of new to all this and trying to learn as much as possible from on-line but not able to have any luck yet, any help is appreciated.