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How do I make CodeWarrior for MCUs generate a skeleton for an ISR in events.c with a specific pin associated with it?

Question asked by Nancy Neff on Jul 19, 2015
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I'm using CodeWarrior for MCUs v. 10.6, creating an application for the Kinetis FRDM-KE06Z with Processor Expert.  I have used the TimerUnit_LDD and CAN interrupts successfully. Now I want to identify a particular pin (PTI0/IRQ/UART2_RX) which has been configured by our hardware engineer to be used for interrupts on discrete inputs. I can't find a component for a user-defined interrupt: when I try to create an InterruptVector component, it tries to create a NMI and I get the error messages shown in the attachment.  CodeWarrior always generates an events.c that has as its first ISR void Cpu_OnNMI(void) without an InterruptVector component, but for this I can't see how to assign the pin that the discretes are connected to--there doesn't seem to be a component for that, it's the CPU itself I'd guess. When I enable maskable interrupts in the CPU, it builds successfully but there's no corresponding skeleton-function in events.c.  If I create an InterruptVector component and change the interrupt vector to INT_IRQ, for example, there's no place to specify the pin this interrupt would be associated with. I can't find any info in the MCU FAQ manual.  I understand the theory of how interrupts work but I've never created an interrupt "from scratch", only via the built-in components in CW PE, so I'm not entirely sure I've looked in the right places for this. Could someone point me in the right direction to get started?  Thanks.