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KL46 UART0_Tx->TPM1_CH0(Edge-aligned PWM)->IrDA_Tx

Question asked by petermlakar on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by jeremyzhou

I have trouble to implement  UART0_Tx as IrDA_Tx


I am initializing UART0 (tx:PTE20-alt4)

I am initializing TPM1_CH0 with Edge-aligned PWM

Enable SIM_SOPT5_UART0TXSRC(0x1), UART0_TX pin modulated with TPM1 channel 0 output


If I clear TPMx_CONF_CSOO bit then i get permanent pulses.

If I set TPMx_CONF_CSOO bit then i get nothing. The UART0_Tx just wont triger the TPM1_CH0.


The bits

TPMx_CONF_CROT;//Counter Reload On Trigger

TPMx_CONF_CSOT;//Counter Start on Trigger

TPMx_CONF_TRGSEL(0x9);//TPM1 overflow

have no impact.


I am also not shore what to set as output pin tx:PTE20-alt4(UART0_Tx) or tx:PTE20-alt3(TPM_CH0).

But they seam both to produce permanent pulses if I clear TPMx_CONF_CSOO.


What could be the problem?