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Where can I get a discreet or low cost 5W Wireless Power Receiver reference design or demo board?

Question asked by Phillip Newman on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by Phillip Newman

I've been looking around for a reference design of a discreet or low cost Wireless Power Receiver reference design on the Freescale website. I did find a document with regards to a receiver design which uses the Freescale MC9RS08KB12 MCU. A document named "Low Power Wireless Power Receiver" describes the circuit and development environment. The problem is that I cannot find the schematics, BOM or PCB layout files for the Receiver PCB. I can also not seem to find the PCB for sale anywhere neither a reference design for it. The part number on the PCB is CSC0411 v1.2.


I'm starting to think that I should perhaps opt for the 15W receiver solution. I was hoping that it would not be necessary as I don't really want to use a 15W receiver solution with a 5W transmitter. My goal is to realise a low cost 5W wireless charging solution using a transmitter and receiver from the same chip manufacturer.


Anybody out there with the same frustration or problem?