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Custom Bootloader Design: Works Fine except getting UART_ISR Call

Question asked by PETER TWISS on Jul 16, 2015
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We are working on a custom bootloader for a product. The bootloader was done by generating a standalone project in PE (exported to Keil) with limited peripherals such as I2C and UART. We then created the main application project in PE as well (also exported to Keil). Both projects have flash Read/Write Components added in PE as well. Both  run perfect, when loaded independently in Keil, using the default Flash Start addresses.


Now we took the bootloader project to read a specific place in flash to determine to whether to implement a DFU or to jump to the default application default application. We then design a function to make the jump using _asm{}, We then placed the application where the jump position is, and the application does get executed if we choose not to do a DFU. The bootloader jumps to the application correctly if we choose to not implement a DFU. However after the application starts, we enter pe_low_level_init() and after this is executed, we are constantly getting hit my UART_ISR() even though there is no UART traffic. If we disable all of the INTs, it goes away, but our application will not work as we use INTs all over the place.


The PE projects for both the bootload and the application are almost identical except additional, non-PE generated code (application code), so the interrupt vectors and such should be the same, but it seems we're getting UART_ISR firiing for no reason.


Here are some more details:

- Same exact INTs are in Bootloader and Application: UART, I2C, BitIOs, etc: The bootloader project is actually a copy of the application project that is mildly stripped down.

- Bootloader INTs work OK, but App INTs are not, specifically UART_ISR() firing.


- Do INTs need to be deinitialized before the jump is made? It seems when we make the jump, the new PE_low_level_init() function, something is not being reinitialized correctly.


**Device: KL15 in 35WLCSP, 128K Flash, 16KB RAM, on custom HW circuit, which has been verified and used with various PE projects...all other projects do not have issues, so this is a pure SW/Bootloader issue


Any ideas on this? =/