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Bluedroid on Android kitkat 4.4.3 and i.MX6SL

Discussion created by mutyalarao neelapala on Jul 9, 2015
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Hi All,

Platform : IMX6SL

Bluedroid on Android kitkat 4.4.3.

Can you please help me I am struck at this point not able to move forward.

D/BluetoothAdapterState(  704):  CURRENT_STATE=PENDING, MESSAGE = ENABLE_TIMEOUT, isTurningOn=true, isTurningOff=false
E/BluetoothAdapterState(  704): Error enabling Bluetooth
D/BluetoothAdapterProperties(  704): Setting state to 10
I/BluetoothAdapterState(  704): Bluetooth adapter state changed: 11-> 10
D/BluetoothAdapterService(  704): Broadcasting updateAdapterState() to 1 receivers.


what's wrong with this..... Not getting any idea. Please help me.....


Thanks and regards,