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P3041 MSI issue when porting from SDK 1.4 to 1.7

Question asked by Roy Caspi on Jul 16, 2015



I'm working on P3041 with Linux based on SDK 1.4, which I'm trying to upgrade to SDK 1.7.

My P3041 is connected with MSC8157 via PCIe, where the P3041 is the Root Complex and the MSC8157 is the End Point.

With SDK 1.4 everything works perfect, but when running the same program with SDK 1.7, I get some problems.

The messages from the P3041 arrive to the MSC8157, but the other direction won't work.

The MSC8157 writes the data on its output window and sends MSI interrupt to notify the P3041 that the data is ready, but the latter doesn't get the MSI.

So I suspect that I miss some significant change between the SDK's related to either the P3041 PIC or MSI or something in that area.

Does anyone have a clue? Maybe some kernel configuration changes? Some code differences?

Any train of thought will be helpful.