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Crystals and oscillator parts used in FRDM-K22F board

Question asked by Vishal Girisagar on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2015 by Vishal Girisagar

Hi All,

  I am using K22F board. I have tested a prototype of my software on this board. And it works completely. Now I am in next stage of building my own board using the same MCU. I am stuck with oscillators and crystals used. I want to used both RTC crystal (32.768KHz) and 8Mhz crystal. From the schematics, I see the following.





  I have no clue how to use the crystals and oscillators. I tried to find the component names of these, but google did not help. It will be great if some one could tell me which components are used in the board.



Thanks in advance.