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i.MX6 enhanced transmit buffer - Protocol Specific Checksum failure

Question asked by Sammy el Baradie on Jul 16, 2015
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for an avionic project I am sending UDP packets with a UDP data length of 179, 181, 177 bytes from the i.MX6 to a client computer.

I have programmed the i.MX6 bare-bone including the ENET driver and the UDP/IP stack.

The Ethernet packages are send using the enhanced transmit buffer descriptors with full hardware accelerator support enabled (TC, PINS and INS). In addition the application specific flags TO1, R, and L are enabled.

I am sending 3 different UDP packages in a loop with 1000 iterarions and with a waiting time of 2 seconds between each package.

Although I am sending always the same 3 packages (UDP data) I can see on Wireshark that the UDP checksum is sometimes incorrect (please have a look on the attached screen shot).

But for the exact same package it is sometimes correct and sometime incorrect. I looks really like a hardware bug.

Can you please help ? Is this a known issue ?

Thank you in advanced.