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How to boot PCM052 Vybrid board from QSPI NOR?

Question asked by mpfgregory on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by mpfgregory

I have to get rid of either the NAND or the QSPI NOR flash on my PCM052 Vybrid board to free some pins for other functionality. I have tried booting from NAND, but the boot time is worse than when booting from the SD card. I was told that the NOR flash would be much faster, but I can't find instructions how to boot from NOR. I guess it's quite similar to NAND boot since they're both MTD devices. I can write the kernel to the QSPI NOR flash using the flashcp command from mtd-utils, but I can't find the right commands to load the kernel from NOR in u-boot. I guess it should work with the cp.bwl command, but I don't know the address to use for NOR. Does anybody know how to access the QSPI NOR from u-boot?


In order to load u-boot from NAND you have to build a special u-boot.nand file with the toolchain and pad it with zeroes. What needs to be done to load u-boot from QSPI NOR?


My rootfs is currently too big to fit into 1 NOR bank, but it would fit into both. Is there a way to spread the rootfs over 2 partitions? I thought maybe it would be possible by using LVM.