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FSL_imx_demo/ethernet BUG

Question asked by li fusong on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by li fusong

Dear sir.

  step 1. open fsl_ethernet app,click Check Ethernet button,and see the net connect mode is dhcp mode and ip is A

  step 2. click Configure Ethernet and set net connect to static IP mode.and click confirm

  step 3. through Browser access http://ip/ip.php to show the client (android os) ip is the manual set ip,it is different with A.

  step 4. through fsl_ethernet app set net connect to dhcp mode. and click the fsl_ethernet app button check Ethernet to see the ip address change to ip A.

  step 5. access http://ip/ip.php ,and see the client ip is still manual ip.



append file is the ip.php source code.

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