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KL15 Locked - Bootloader Development - Need Help

Question asked by PETER TWISS on Jul 14, 2015
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I was working with another FWE, and we have seems to 'bricked' our KL15, which working on our custom bootloader. We're looking to figure out a method of unlocking the device.


Here are some details:


- Using Processor Expert v10.4, and adding a flash_LDD component and configured more or less standard with adding a new extra functions from the methods options

- Exporting PE Project to Keil.


- During an attempted write and restart, the device has no SWD Communication.


- Using the JLINK Cmd Prompt, the SWD is not available: **See Attached Pic: 'unnamed.jpg"


- Attempting to hold reset down while writing the device I get this message in Keil: **See attached Pic: "Keil.jpg"


Any idea what happened? Did we overwrite a special place in flash?


Is this chip toast?


Here are some other details from the other FWE:


"I was working on adding a small region above the flash configuration section .cfmconfig in the scatter file to contain app version info at  fixed location. The location was 0x410 (flash config at 0x400) and I moved the .text region up by 0x40 bytes to make room for the new region which was mostly a copy of this:"



#define FlashConfig_start               0x00000400


#define FlashConfig_size                0x00000010





LR_FlashConfig FlashConfig_start FlashConfig_size  {


  ER_FlashConfig FlashConfig_start FlashConfig_size  { ; load address = execution address

   .ANY (.cfmconfig)








Please help us if you can thanks,