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mcf5272 USB

Question asked by Eric Leupi on Jul 14, 2015
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The company I work for has a legacy product utilizing the mc5272 micro.  We are using the usb interface on the micro ( for configuring the product etc ).  The USB interface works with older version of windows ( up until XP ....XP was the newest windows OS when this product was developed back in the day ). On host machines running Windows 7 or 8, there appears to be a timing issue or something that prevents the interface between the host and our product to function properly ( usb String requests ( SerialNumber, ProductID, LanguageID are sometimes not responded to, are responded to out of order, etc .   I've been all over the firmware trying to figure out what is going on and was wondering if there are any known issues with the USB interface on the 5272 and newer versions of Windows?...


Thanks for any input.