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Debugging SABRESD with JTAG BDI3000

Question asked by Alan Souza on Jul 14, 2015

I was trying to debug a custom board with BDI3000 but I was having issues, so I tried with SABRE but the issues persist.

The state after powering up with BDI attached seems good to me:


    Core number       : 0

    Core state        : debug mode (ARM)

    Debug entry cause : Debug Request

    Current PC        : 0x2780ad40

    Current CPSR      : 0x600001d3 (Supervisor)

    Current SPSR      : 0xca0c196d


However, I can't correctly read and write from memory.



IMX6#0>md 0x8a000000 1        

8a000000 : 0x00000071          113  q...


IMX6#0>mm 0x8a000000 0x1234abcd 1


IMX6#0>md 0x8a000000 1        

8a000000 : 0x00000061           97  a...


IMX6#0>mm 0x8a000000 0x12345678 1


IMX6#0>md 0x8a000000 1        

8a000000 : 0x04000071     67108977  q...


Apparently, it is not writing what is expected to. I need to make this process consistent an then load the u-boot into memory.


Does anyone know what is happening? Or maybe have a better configuration file?


I'm using the attached configuration file. Any help would greatly appreciated.

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