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weird flash programming error

Question asked by James Christian on Jul 14, 2015

Hi Freescale,


All of a sudden I started to get a very odd error when trying to flash our project to a K70f120m. The project builds fine, but I get the error any time I try to flash or debug.


First, this warning alert appears I(NOTE: I also received the same error, but pertaining to the .xml flash config file). error1.PNG

When I click OK, it tries to flash target and the below error occurs. 


If this is some sort of environment variable or file path error (this project is under version control and code is edited by 3 people on 3 different computers), the error messages are not specific enough for me to figure out which variable isn't set properly and fix.


Attached is a diagnostic report. Any and all help would be much appreciated, as this is a time critical project!




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