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MPC5643L: printf (EWL C) seems to ignore %f in format string

Question asked by Dennis Reimers on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Andrew Chilcott



I am playing around with an Qorriva MPC5643L and CW for MCU 10.6. I managed to get output from printf via uart. But theire is

a problem if I use %f in the format string of printf it seems to be ignored:


This works fine:

int val = 0x55; printf("val: %d %x\n", val, 0x55);

and prints out:

"val: 85 55"


but this


printf("Test float %f \n", (double) 128);

only prints out:

"Test float %f"


I stopped debugging printf at a call of:

extern int_t __pformatter(void *(_EWL_CDECL *WriteProc)(void *a, const char_t *b, size_t c),                  void * WriteProcArg,                  const char_t * _EWL_RESTRICT format_str,                  va_list arg,                  int_t is_secure); //...           va_list args;           va_start( args, format );           result = __pformatter(__FileWrite, (void *)stdout, format, args, 0);

format is no set, the debugger shows no value for it.


Is there an option I have to turn on or something like that?


Thanks for your help!


Best regards,